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In 1957 KFC invented chicken basket. It has changed a lot since then, so to celebrate the anniversary of this legend the brand produced a limited amount of steel baskets in original design. They were sold in restaurants in addition to the standard chicken, but people were not getting it: why do you need your own basket to go to KFC? The point that it gives you a 30% discount on chicken for the rest of the year didn't seem to help…


For those, who love KFC chicken so bad they can eat a whole basket alone, we turned the communication upside down. We were not selling chicken; we were selling the way of consumption. A souvenir. It’s more than just an empty chicken basket that you can bring to KFC to get a discount on chicken wings.


We announced our activation in social media. We used the real TV Shopping studio and TV hosts, they were joined by a famous comedian as their guest. It was a live stream, with just 10% of the content recorded before the stream. We were overwhelmed by the reaction and all the baskets were sold in just 4 days!

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