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Uber is an important part of the nightlife in the city. Wherever you may go, Uber is always there to offer you a fast, safe and comfortable ride. Even if you want to go really, really far away.


Signal is the largest summer festival that unites art and rave music. It’s an unforgettable three-day party mixed with modern art installations by famous artists. There’s only one problem: it’s really hard to get there. So we partnered Uber Russia and Signal to create an unforgettable and comfortable festival experience.


Absorption by Uber Russia gives you a place to have a moment of peace and meditation under the stars. Built by art-group NOYD, the object was a prominent part of Signal exposition in the woods. And not only that. Uber Russia was taking care of all the aspects to let people really enjoy their time at the festival. We offered a shuttle bus to avoid a standard 6-hour ride with multiple changes from train to bus and to local taxi and raincoats to keep people warm and cosy despite the rain. We showed that we really care about our community and this was appreciated a lot. We had a strong group of brand ambassadors promoting Uber Russia as the most caring brand of the festival.

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