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Market analytics confirm: voice calls are migrating to messengers causing a downfall in mobile voice traffic. Communication flows into messengers and social networks, and phones are now used for anything other than simple conversations. MegaFon wanted not only to increase voice traffic, but also to strengthen the emotional connection with the consumers, occupying the territory of a “human-centered operator”.


Moscow is the heart of Russia where people from all over the country have found their new career and life. Their home, families and mothers are far away and the opportunity to hear the voice that you miss is very important for both of them, it can’t be replaced by a text message or an emoji.


International Women’s Day, is a warm and beautiful holiday filled with flowers. On the week before the holiday we thanked our clients for their long talks with moms. We sent them flowers in exchange for the minutes of joy that they shared with their family: 2,5 hours of talks guaranteed a bouquet delivery to any point of the country.

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