KFC - The Size Doesn’t Matter
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KFC has started the so-called Salsa Weeks across the country as part of its strategy of menu updates. The Salsa Weeks introduced a new product, Tacos, with a 39 rubles price tag. KFC also hoped it would become an extra menu option as a quick bite. But the consumers had an entirely different perception of the product…


The social media were flooded with comments and memes: “KFC Tacos is a grandchild of Twister”, “Tyrion Lannister in the world of food”. 10,000 comments were written during the first week. We decided to use this noise and turn the consumers’ energy to the brand’s and product’s good.


KFC responded to all the complaints about the size of the Tacos, claiming that “Size does not matter”. We showed the funniest comments on the biggest digital outdoor screen in Moscow with a bold response from the brand.

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