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For an average whiskey consumer, the price is still defining point, more than other product characteristics. Consumers tend to choose affordable price rather than a certain brand. With total market volume re-distributing to lower segments, we needed to maintain our market leadership and prevent sales drop.


Promotions at the POS remained one of the main tools to maintain loyalty for Jameson customers. However, they had a number of drawbacks: resource-consuming logistics, the inability to precisely target communication to loyal customers, barriers for further communication with CRM contacts. Creation of a new, retailer-independent loyalty program was a way to avoid most of these difficulties.


We connected with our audience through a smart chat bot in Telegram and Vkontakte messengers, integrated with CRM-system. The bot sends personalized messages, gives gifts, implements game mechanics and gathers transparent sales statistics. After one year with chat bot Jameson maintained market leadership and enhaced its position.


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TikTok Influencer is the new creative director of beverage brand