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Actual is a juicy non-alcoholic beverage. It’s tasty. It’s wholesome. It’s refreshing. The problem: it was not cool. So we asked someone really cool to help us.


Here’s Katya – a 14 year old celebrity: singer, dancer, blogger. And the new creative director of the brand. She knows her audience and where we can reach them better. And it’s not in old and boring social media. Together we collaborated with a new mobile social media platform TikTok. And in 2018 we were the first brand in Russia to do a TikTok campaign.


Three of the most influential TikTokers created branded music videos and engaged their subscribers by something really cool. Not a giveaway. Not a repost contest. But a chance to get a piece of their fame. Impress the three celebrity bloggers and show them your talent. And if they like it, you will get exclusive merch and something you can’t buy with money: instant fame!

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