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Merch with Barbecue Spirit for Self-Isolated
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Barbecue parties are an essential tradition for Labor Day holidays in Russia. But this spring due to self-isolation reqirements people were unable to gather together for a picnic.


Burger King saves May holidays and brings the spirit (and aroma) of barbeque right to our homes. So that you can stay safe and still feel the holiday spirit.


We created a limited edition of merch, including hoodies and perfume with barbecue aroma. Along with special "barbecue" Whoppers they were only available through Delivery Club app.


Anastasia Afanasyeva
Account Director
Valery Volchetsky
Creative Director
Julia Karavay
Senior Account
Natalia Kulagina
Account manager
Andrey Arnautov
Ruslan Simashev
Art Director
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