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In 2020 ZEWA, a brand of consumer paper, conducted a national study in Russia, and found out, that in Russian families women tend to spend twice as much time on house chores than men. The brand decided to raise awareness about this issue and launched a campaign: Care Well Live Well Together with a video about an unfair race as a center piece.


We wanted to launch a discussion about the issue and give everyone a chance to experience the unfair race themselves.


We designed our own board game demonstrating the unfair share. We had two sets of rules: fair and unfair. With unfair set it’s all just like in real life, male figures, who can skip some “stereotypically female” tasks, have higher chances to finish first. The game was presented on online public talk with celebrities, a popular TV host and a famous psychologist. We also sent the game to influencers. Their posts launched a huge discussion in social media, where people were deeply touched by the idea.

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Gold, Gold, Silver
Effie Russia 2021


PR, celebrity, influencers
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