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Loving owners choose healthy petfood. It can be enriched with vitamins and approved by all veterinarians of the world, but still... All cats and dogs love to beg for a piece from your plate, because it tastes better than petfood. And we can’t resist their pressure, even though the treat is harmful to their health. Nature’s Table, a new brand of pet food, made from pure fresh ingredients, understands the everyday struggle of pet owners.


The quality of ingredients for Nature’s Table is so high that it meets the standards of food safety for people, and this quality ensures excellent taste that does not need to be masked. But in reality, people wouldn’t want to share a bowl of food with their dog or cat. And we decided to go the other way - to offer the owners a way to treat their pets and share the dinner with them without harm to health.


We opened “Plate and Bowl” Café by Nature’s Table: not just a pet-friendly cafe, but a human-friendly cafe for dogs on the territory of a farm market. All recipes were personally selected and approved by our expert - French Bulldog Oscar, an instagram blogger. And both the "human" and the "pet" menus were prepared from absolutely identical ingredients.

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